The Essential Milton Model - Bryan Westra

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Committing to learning the Milton Model was perhaps the best thing I ever did for myself.
I became a better conversational hypnotist, hypnotherapist, and my influence and persuasion skills saw many breakthroughs.

I earned more money applying these patterns to the context of face-to-face selling that I retired early.
This book is something that will serve you well. You'll be astonished to discover how clearly the hypnotic language patterns are presented, the many examples, and how much work has gone into creating this book. It is truly an exhaustive resources for all truly serious hypnotists.
In this book you’ll learn all the primary Milton Model patterns, i.e. hypnotic language patterhs, and a few other hypnotic patterns utilized by Milton H. Erickson with his hypnotherapy clients.
In my professional opinion these patterns are a ‘must know’ for any truly serious hypnotist. I personally believe anyone, training another, in the ways of hypnosis, should have a solid grasp of these language patterns and how to effectively use them. It will be invaluable for yourself and your students.
I have often wished there had been a book which taught only the Milton Model, and oddly never thought to write the book myself, though I happen to be an international hypnosis trainer, highly skilled in the Milton Model. Searching online one day for some Milton Model resources I became so frustrated I decided right there and then to write the book myself, since nobody else had. Here it is.I promise you'll learn something about the Milton Model you don't know. I have gone out of my way to deliver a resource that will birth insights for you.

ISBN 9781511609777

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